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WhatWE DO?

Here, at Austral Marine, we work with our clients building strategic alliances, this partnership relation develops in the best results in Cargo Risk Control Strategies. We cover together every detail, and assure the security of each product handling and transportation, key for a succesfull business.Having an operation under control is only accomplished by assisting each client with an Integrated Security Programme of Solutions in cargo risk control.There is no magic, or what others call "good luck", there´s no secret, there´s hard work, responsability and dedication of our professionals that co-ordinate the working teams with clients, with the only purpose of being highly committed with the most efficient solution to protect their business.


  • Trust

  • Professional Skills

  • Experience and Versatility

  • Technology

  • Accuracy

  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Commitment

  • Trust is the most important word for our company. It is the main target that had leaded all of our actions over past twenty years. Because our customers are our most valuable asset and they need to rely in our words without hesitation.

  • Our expertise is based in our past work on board ocean going vessels as Officers and Master Mariners as well as in the field job as marine experts at the marine surveying market.

  • Over past twenty years we developed a large experience at the marine surveying field; the experience at this market make us realize that the movement of products in a global system as in which we are immersed and the evolution of methods and cargo systems obliged us to maintain an agile and adaptable organization for achieve a solution for each different situation that we have to face.

  • To each solution implemented for our clients, we apply hardware and software developed accoring to the needs, including the possibility of electronically accessing each report through our internal data networks.

  • Our measurement and evaluation standards applied to each service allow us to provide exact information about the control systems used to transport each product.

  • We have permanent training in all areas of the organization to propose total solutions, both operational and technological.

  • We technologically develop any solution according to the specific requirements of each client and propose to our partners the implementation of the latest advances in information and communication systems.

  • Our effort and dedication to personalized attention for each of our clients allows us to respect and respond to the expectations of our customers.