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We created Austral Marine in 1998, the company was built since the very start with great effort and dedication, with the unique vision of providing solutions with the highest standard in professional services, in the fields of cargo risk control prevention. These values are practiced every day with the same enthusiasm and passion.Our sustained development and growth is backed by 35 years of experience at sea and land cargo operations, adding the constant local and international training of our team, and its responsible dedication in tailoring solutions to each client´ need, with an integrated system of services and the most updated technology that reinforces our field inspection and risk control strategies.We manage with integrity and commitment every time we face each challenge that demands cargo risk prevention, in all its handling and transportation means, even if its programmed to be moved through sea, land or air.We cover and assist with our services the main operational and commercial areas of Argentina, with our own offices Buenos Aires, Zárate and Santa Fe, and in the last years we have expanded our coverage with a regional and global service network, the division Car Marine Surveyors is the result of regional strategic alliances specialized in marine vehicle Cargo Risk Transportation, reinforced with recognized international companies associated to Austral Marine, reaching the main activity centers in the world.